Can You Afford a Luxury Sober Living Home?

You may have seen luxury sober living homes in movies or documentaries about addiction and recovery. You may have thought that those places make recovery look like a five-star vacation and wondered if a regular working person or blue collar worker would be accepted in that kind of home.

The good news is that many people, from all walks of life, can enter a luxury sober living home. If you’re a worker with a high enough income, it’s possible that you can afford to stay in one of these homes. Even if you don’t have a high enough income, there are subsidies, government grants and insurance options that can help you cover the costs of a luxury sober living home.

How is a Luxury Sober Living Home Different?

Addiction doesn’t discriminate when it comes to money, social class or type of work that someone does. Just as many wealthy people have problems with drugs and alcohol as poor people do. Luxury inpatient treatment centers and sober homes are the option they turn to when they need help.

When you hear about celebrities who sign up for inpatient rehabilitation for their addiction, it’s usually in a luxury inpatient treatment center. After completing treatment, they might choose to continue their recovery at a luxury sober home.

These homes are usually located in beautiful locations and feature top-of-the-line amenities such as fine furniture, restaurant-quality meals and high-end electronics. Many have gyms, yoga classes and access to cultural activities.

How are They the Same as Other Sober Homes?

Despite these differences, luxury sober homes share some important traits with non-luxury sober living homes.

  • A strictly-enforced, no drugs or alcohol policy at all times.
  • Focus on learning new skills for coping without drugs and alcohol.
  • Clear rules and regulations that all residents must comply with.
  • A supportive environment for the newly recovered to learn how to reintegrate into society.

Do You Need a Luxury Sober Living Home?

Sober home living provides a valuable way to extend and reinforce what you’ve learned in inpatient rehabilitation. A sober home gives you the opportunity to use your new skills in the real world while still having a safe, supportive environment at your back.

While a non-luxury sober home gives you that same support and care, you might prefer to recuperate in a beautiful setting with high-end amenities. You might feel that the difficult road to recovery might be easier to walk if you can surround yourself with things that make your day-to-day life easier.

How to Afford a Luxury Sober Living Home

You may be surprised at the options available to help you afford a luxury sober home. If you have private insurance, it’s likely that your insurance plan will cover all or part of your addiction treatment and your stay in a sober living residence.

Drug and alcohol treatments are heavily subsidized, making them attainable to people from all income levels. Government and private organizations frequently supply funds to cover the costs of treatment. If you’re interested in a sober living home, options to help cover the cost are available. These include:

  • Sliding-scale fees based on your income
  • Government subsidies
  • Private grants from charitable organizations
  • Private, employer-paid insurance plans
  • Payment plans through the rehab center

Given these possibilities, if the idea of a sober living home appeals to you, it is worth looking into. At the same time, it’s important to remember that luxury is not necessary for recovery. Successful recovery depends on:

  • a well-designed treatment plan, preferably in an inpatient setting;
  • ongoing support for your recovery;
  • a safe environment free from drugs and alcohol;
  • your own hard work;
  • your commitment to yourself.

We Can Help

Whether you choose to continue your recovery at a sober home or a luxury sober home, you’ll find that sober living is the logical next step after addiction treatment. You probably spent years addicted to drugs and alcohol. Addiction became your normal, daily way of life. Sober living gives you the chance to incorporate healthy new habits and routines into your daily life.

If you’re interested in learning more about inpatient addiction treatment or sober living, call us. We have trained counselors available 24-7 to take your calls and talk over your options. Call us at 770-299-1677

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