Do Luxury Rehab Centers Cost A Lot Of Money? Does Insurance Help?

There are drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers to fit any budget and, for some, a high end treatment center may present a more encouraging atmosphere for recovery. Luxury rehab centers typically cater to the wealthy and to business executives with addiction problems, offering resources that are more in line with their lifestyles. As one might expect, more resources and more luxurious living conditions do cost more.
Those costs are shared by the clients, who seek treatment at these types of centers. While the facility may not be opposed to offering enhanced services, their budgets may not be enough to cover the additional costs. For this reason, the fees charged to patients are also much higher than in other facilities. The increased cost to each patient ensures they will receive premium treatment services.

A Look at the Numbers

To determine just how much a rehab program is going to cost will depend on a few different factors. Primarily, the level of services offered will play a part in how much a rehab program will cost the client, but the duration of the program will also be taken into account. Since inpatient rehab programs require the client to live in the facility, the costs for residency, meals, and personal care must all be taken into consideration. As a result, longer programs will cost more than shorter inpatient treatment options.
At the lower end of the spectrum, a 30-day rehab program typically costs around $6,000, but a similar program in a luxury or executive facility can be $20,000 or more. Similarly, a 90-day program may cost $12,000 at the lower end. A well-appointed, high-end facility may charge clients $60,000 or more for treatment. Again, the exact cost will depend on the facility and the length of treatment, so comparing different facilities may offer better insight into which rehab facility is ideal for your situation.

Paying for Luxury or Executive Rehab Treatment

While the cost of treatment can be significant, that’s not to say you must pay for it entirely out of pocket. Many insurance companies now offer treatment coverage up to a predetermined percentage. While they likely won’t pay for the total cost of the rehab program, coverage will offset the out of pocket cost and make it more manageable. The percentage that is covered will vary, based upon the type of insurance and the insurance provider you use.
In addition to private insurance carriers, you may be eligible for rehab coverage or reimbursement through one of the following:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Other state financed health insurance programs
  • Military insurance

Looking for alternative ways of funding your recovery is also an option. Some people have had success with using crowdfunding resources to raise the money to pay for treatment, when community programs have not been available. Even borrowing the money to pay for rehab may be preferable, because free or low cost programs are often difficult to get into and have limited operating budgets. A facility that offers recovery programs at a higher cost can provide services and resources that can improve the recovery experience.

What Can Luxury Treatment Centers Do for You?

A high-end treatment center doesn’t just offer better accommodations, many of them also offer advanced services. This is important for those suffering from more dangerous addictions, such as opioid addiction. In these cases, a medicated detox is necessary and a high-end facility can offer the medical treatment and supervision necessary for a successful and healthy cleanse.
These facilities also offer advanced services, which can help the patients cope with their addiction more efficiently. Swimming pools, saunas and fitness centers, acupuncture and massage treatments, and private residential rooms can all improve the recovery experience. When considering the costs of these kinds of amenities, it’s easy to see why the price tag becomes so heavy.
Depending on the facility, a higher cost may also help to pay for executive chefs, limousine services, and other comforts not available at less advanced treatment centers. While these resources aren’t essential to your recovery, they do make the experience more pleasant. This helps cope with cravings and withdrawal symptoms by providing a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. People often turn to drugs to escape the stress and negativity of their daily lives, but providing a wealth of premium services can help create a more enjoyable daily existence. This means the addict can begin to appreciate the good in life without having to turn to alcohol or drugs.



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