Does an Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta Differ from Other Parts of Georgia?

If you’re ready to reach out for help with your addiction, consider an outpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta. If you live in Georgia, you are likely to find that the addiction treatment in Atlanta is the most advanced, up-to-date treatment available. If you live out of state, moving to Atlanta for your rehab gives you a great shot at achieving sobriety in a vibrant, fascinating city.

What to Expect at Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta

Outpatient alcohol treatment gives you more freedom and flexibility than inpatient treatment does. At the same time, you will be given the same level and quality of care that you would get at an inpatient facility. Your treatment plan will probably include the following.

  • Medical detox. Withdrawing “cold turkey” from alcohol can be dangerous. You’ll begin your treatment with safe, medically-supervised detox that helps you withdraw without painful or dangerous symptoms.
  • Individualized plan. After a thorough assessment of your history and current status, you’ll receive a plan that’s personalized for you.
  • Focused, intensive therapy. At an Atlanta rehab, you’ll get therapy that is based on proven therapeutic techniques that have been shown to work for alcoholics.
  • Classes and meetings. You’ll take relapse prevention training, learn about your addiction and learn to live without alcohol.
  • Family and social support. Get help for your whole family and learn about resources to help you find a job, housing or legal help.

What Will Your Schedule Be Like at an Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta?

Typically, you’ll spend several hours each day at the facility. These hours will be spent in therapy, classes, meetings and other activities. Depending on the outcome of your initial assessment, you might have to attend for 30, 60 or 90 days.This flexible schedule allows you to maintain your regular life while you’re getting treatment for your alcoholism. If you’re here from another state, you’ll have the opportunity to start fresh in a new environment. Studies have found that outpatient rehab works just as well as inpatient rehab.

Does an Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta Differ from Other Parts of Georgia?

Although it may seem that you have many options for alcohol rehab in Georgia, you may find that Atlanta offers unique opportunities.

  • Atlanta is a major city that is easy for your friends and family to visit.
  • Atlanta is known for its high-quality medical facilities and top health professionals.
  • Cultural and entertainment options abound in this busy city.
  • Atlanta has a strong network of aftercare programs and sober homes that can support your ongoing recovery.

Benefits of an Outpatient Treatment Center in Atlanta

  • If you live in the area, you can get the treatment you need without interrupting your work or school schedule.
  • If you’re from elsewhere in the country, we can arrange a sober living situation in a comfortable, safe, well-appointed home.
  • If you decide to stay in the area, there are many opportunities for education and employment.
  • Atlanta is a thriving city with a rich history.

Benefits of a Sober Living Home in Atlanta

If you choose to attend outpatient treatment center in Atlanta, give your recovery the best chance possible by staying in a sober home. A sober home is sometimes known as a sober living house or halfway house. There are many benefits to staying in one.

  • You’ll be in a safe, clean and comfortable environment free from drugs or alcohol.
  • Curfews and other rules help you stay accountable.
  • Your recovery is supported by attendance at sobriety support meetings.
  • You can continue to work or take classes.
  • You start practicing your new coping skills in a safe, controlled way.
  • People who spend time in sober homes have lower relapse rates than people who don’t.

Find the Right Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta

Your new life can begin with a single phone call to our experienced, compassionate counselors. We can help you find an outpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta that also provides sober housing and long-term support. Call our counselors anytime at 770-299-1677.