Addiction can be a crippling disease and shouldn’t be faced alone. No matter where you are or what you have, you need to know that there are free treatment centers that can help you heal from addiction and grow into a new life. Access to safe and supportive treatment to help you heal from heroin, cocaine or alcohol is our goal. We are here to help you rebuild your health, including your physical well-being, emotional strength, and psychological stability.

You’re Not Alone

One of the first steps in successful addiction treatment is to make sure that you’re physically safe. Some treatment centers offer in-house care, making sure that you have a safe place to live while you address the addiction. Additionally, you may be suffering from some physical injuries or illness related to the addiction. For example, cocaine use can lead to damage of the nasal passages, sinuses or respiratory system. Your treatment program will need to assess your physical condition to help you overcome any physical damage caused by the drug.

Legal Concerns

It’s not uncommon for those who struggle with addiction to have a negative history with the law. If you’re on parole, it’s critically important that you contact your parole officer to let them know the steps you have taken to seek treatment. Free inpatient drug treatment will provide you with temporary housing and reduce your need for cash for a time at least. Once you are safely housed and on a healthier path, you can reduce your risk of negative contact with police and other legal professionals.

Additional Medical Assistance

Depending on the drug addiction you are battling, you may find yourself taking a therapeutic drug to help you break away from the addictive substance. For example, heroin abuse treatment uses a variety of opioid antagonists, include

  • methadone
  • buprenorphine, or
  • naltrexone

Some of these drugs can be, on their own, highly addictive. Your medical care provider will discuss with you the benefits and drawbacks of each of these medications to help you break away from opiate addiction.

Additional Health Concerns

Depending on the severity and length of time you’ve been struggling with your addiction, there are many health issues that may have developed. For example, long-term exposure to alcohol can have a negative impact on your dental health and may have caused problems for your stomach and esophagus. These alcohol-based problems can then lead to long-term conditions such as anemia. One of the most important things that treatment, particularly in-house treatment, can give you is the chance to physically heal from the trauma of addictive substances. By improving your nutrition levels with a proper diet, you can reduce the impact of deficiencies such as anemia. With a safe place to rest, you can start to rebuild your physical stamina by getting regular and sufficient sleep. Treatment is more than just a detox from the addictive substance.

Getting Back Into The World

With access to free outpatient drug treatment, you may be able to return to or seek employment. If you are undergoing inpatient drug treatment, you will need to notify your employer of your situation and your ability to travel back and forth to your job. Professionals associated with the treatment center can help you put together a schedule that will make returning to your job, or finding another position, easier. In addition to seeking or sustaining your employment, treatment may be a good time for you to study your options for additional training or schooling. Addiction is a disruptive disease and may have forced you off-track from a course of study that you enjoyed. By addressing your addiction and seeking a healthier life, you may be in a good position to take on a new course of study. Your healing process can help you on your path!

Final Thoughts

When you are ready to begin the healing process, we can help. Addiction is an illness, not a weakness. You are worthy of care and treatment and help is available to help you break away from the toxins created by the addictive substance. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 770-299-1677.