Going To An Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Center To See If You Might Be An Alcoholic

Overcoming an addiction to alcohol is not an easy feat, whether you have been drinking to excess in recent months or if you have struggled with alcohol for years or even decades. Alcoholism affects millions of individuals annually, causing adverse health repercussions, loss of income, and even total loss of friendships and close relationships. Getting the help you need with an addiction to alcohol is possible by choosing an outpatient alcohol treatment center that is right for you.

What is an Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Center?

An outpatient alcohol treatment center is a facility that provides the necessary tools and resources to overcome alcohol abuse and addiction without requiring an inpatient stay. While inpatient alcohol treatment facilities are ideal for those without outside support or the ability to maintain housing and employment, outpatient centers are optimal for most individuals who are motivated to make necessary changes in their lifestyles. Outpatient alcohol treatment centers work to formulate a specialized recovery plan for individuals based on their current drinking habits, lifestyle, and rehabilitation needs.

How Do You Know if You Require a Treatment Center?

Before checking into an inpatient alcohol treatment center, visiting an outpatient center is highly advisable. Outpatient treatment centers provide you access to counselors who specialize in guiding individuals to a life of sobriety and free from alcohol use. While working with counselors, therapists, and doctors learn more about how and why you are using alcohol and whether or not it has become a setback to achieving your goals and living your best life.

Advantages of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers

Outpatient alcohol treatment centers provide counseling, therapy, and group support that are not always found in traditional 12-step programs and AA (alcoholics anonymous) meetings. With additional support, reach out to counselors and visit the treatment center as needed while completing the program that is most suitable for your needs.

Some of the advantages of outpatient alcohol treatment centers include:

  • Feel less alone with therapy from certified counselors while allowing yourself to continue your life with less disruption or the risk of losing your job.
  • Speak with counselors in a one-on-one setting without feeling judged, guilted, or shamed. Work with counselors and therapists individually to learn about various tools and resources that are best-suited for you.
  • Spend time in group settings, allowing you to open up to others who are struggling to overcome alcoholism or alcohol abuse. Meet sponsors and learn to share more openly without feeling ashamed of your attempt to quit alcohol for good. Find likeminded individuals who offer unabashed support throughout your journey of recovery to sobriety.
  • Discover new hobbies and interests as you eliminate alcohol abuse in your life. Gain motivation and feel joy while getting involved in everyday activities again without the use of alcohol. Rediscover other interests and hobbies that have been put “on the backburner” in your life, providing additional outlets for your energy and time.
  • Enjoy a “safe space” where you are free from judgment, allowing you to openly share your challenges and obstacles with other individuals who are able to personally relate. Feel less alone by communicating and connecting with those who have experience with alcoholism and with those who have overcome and kicked the habit themselves.
  • Learn from others by listening to their stories and relating to their own struggles. Ask questions without feeling harshly judged, allowing you to work through any struggles and issues you face during your journey to a clean and healthy life.

When is it Time to Seek an Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Center?

Knowing when to seek an outpatient alcohol treatment center is not always simple, especially if you believe you are not addicted to alcohol or that you are able to conquer alcoholism on your own without added support. When alcohol begins interfering with your job, relationships, and managing your household, it is time to seek help in order to get your life back on track.

When you are considering an outpatient alcohol treatment center, it is important to know that you are not alone. Having the will and courage to take control of your life is the first step in truly overcoming any addiction or habit that is detrimental to your livelihood and happiness in life.

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