Items You Can Take With You To A Heroin Rehab in Georgia

If you’re preparing to attend a heroin rehab in Georgia, you have probably wondered what kinds of items you will be allowed to bring with you. Not all treatment rehabs have exactly the same policies, but this article will give you a good idea as to which items are generally allowed and which ones are generally prohibited. You will want to be sure by calling your selected rehab ahead of time, but it still helps to have some prior idea of the kind of items you will be allowed to have. This article will cover the items you can take with you to a heroin rehab in Georgia.

Personal Items

You will want to bring enough hygiene items to easily last the expected length of your stay. It’s best if the items are new and factory sealed, although this isn’t strictly necessary. It’s just that if a used item looks suspicious or like someone tampered with it, it may be refused. Expect that staff will carefully examine each item you bring. Don’t try to sneak in prohibited substances. Rehab staff people aren’t stupid, and they have seen it all. They are probably better at finding hidden items than you are at hiding them. Many rehabs will keep a list of the items you brought with you so that when you leave, they can be sure you don’t leave them behind.

  • Hygiene items: this includes shampoo, razors, hair spray, shower gel, deodorant, lotion, makeup, toothpaste and toothbrush

No aerosols. Men should bring shaving supplies. Ladies, remember to pack feminine hygiene items.

  • Clothing

Bring about a week’s worth of weather-appropriate clothing. This will include pants, a jacket, simple t-shirts, a couple of sweaters, shorts, socks, underwear, pajamas, slippers and tennis shoes. Don’t forget flip-flops for the shower. If there’s a pool, bring a bathing suit. If it’s cold where you are going, bring gloves and ear muffs. Hats may not be allowed. You will need to ask. Be sure your clothes have no kind of possibly offensive logos or slogans written on them. Slogans regarding gangs and drug use will also be rejected. Bathing suits must be one-piece for females. Men may wear modest swimming trunks.

Your rehab should have laundry facilities, so a week’s worth of clothing should be enough. Remember that storage for your personal items may be limited, so don’t bring anything you don’t really need. Remember to bring laundry supplies if your facility doesn’t furnish them.

  • Bedding

Your facility will give you basic bedding. However, if you’d like to bring a favorite pillow or quilt, ask your rehab if you can do so. These little things may help you to feel more at home.

Further Information

Your rehab may allow you to bring certain prescription medications like those for high blood pressure. Narcotics, even if prescribed to you, will be prohibited. Be sure your medications are in their original prescription bottles with the label clearly legible. You may be allowed to bring OTC meds. These must be sealed and may include ibuprofen, Immodium, Tylenol, melatonin, Maalox and nicotine patches.

Some facilities allow cigarettes and some do not. In any case, these must be new and sealed. Electronic cigarettes will not be allowed.

Bring your debit or credit card, $100 cash in small bills, an alarm clock and phone calling cards.

Prohibited Items

Generally, rehabs don’t allow the following items, although there are exceptions for some of them:

  • Cell phones and laptops
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Mouthwash or other items with alcohol in them. No nail polish remover
  • Excessive jewelry
  • Pornography
  • Books unrelated to self-help topics
  • Revealing clothing for either sex
  • Herbal products
  • Fans
  • Food or drink

Some facilities will allow you to bring sealed bottles of vitamins. Simple jewelry is usually allowed, but keep it limited to a wedding ring or simple chain. Don’t bring excessive amounts of jewelry. It’s not necessary, and it’s a security issue. Most facilities have nutritional programs in place. Sugar and caffeine will be limited, so that’s why you can’t bring your own food. They may have vending machines with approved items in them, though. That’s why you want to bring small bills and maybe even some quarters.

Some rehabs may allow cell phones and laptops, but your access to these will be limited. Many rehabs just don’t allow them at all. If you’re allowed to have them, be sure to bring the chargers, too.

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