You may have first become addicted to prescription pain medications when you were being treated for chronic pain. When the prescription ran out, you may have started doctor shopping for your opioids. But that didn’t work for long. You started going to the streets to get your drugs. Eventually, you couldn’t get the high you needed from narcotic painkillers and started using heroin. You decided to try to get treatment and were given Suboxone to treat your addiction. Now you want to get off suboxone and begin to live your life drug-free. A drug treatment center remains your best choice for safely getting off suboxone.

More Information About Suboxone

To get off suboxone, you need to know a bit about how the drug works. The medication suboxone combines buprenorphine and naloxone and is used to treat individuals with an addiction to opiates such as narcotic painkillers and heroin. Buprenorphine remains an opioid medication, but it doesn’t produce the same high as do pain medications and heroin. The drug Suboxone must be taken under the tongue to work appropriately.

Taking suboxone works to get a narcotics user accustomed to no longer feeling high. When used in treatment, you should be gradually tapered off suboxone. This gradual withdrawal needs to be done with a doctor’s supervision to prevent serious health risks. You should only take suboxone as directed. Don’t increase the amount you take or change your method of taking the drug. Also, don’t take suboxone in conjunction with other medications or alcohol, as the results can be dangerous or even deadly.

When used as directed, suboxone can be used to help you get off narcotics and heroin safely. But then you need to withdraw from suboxone. Withdrawal from this medication is uncomfortable and can even be dangerous. Don’t be reticent about asking for help for safely getting off this medication.

Safely Withdraw from Suboxone Addiction at Drug Rehab

Suboxone withdrawal takes as much as a month. So you’ll be in the detox stage of withdrawal from this medication, so be mentally prepared for the struggle. Going to rehab with a trained medical staff helps you safely get off the drug with as little personal distress as possible. Suboxone withdrawal symptoms are:
• Nausea and vomiting.
• A headache.
• Pain in the muscles.
• Insomnia.
• Feeling lethargic.
• Upset stomach and other digestive distress.
• Irritability.
• Depression.
• Cravings for the drug.
• Chills.
• Fever and sweating.
• Problems concentrating.

There is a fairly predictable series of events that occur during suboxone withdrawal, including:

• More severe physical withdrawal symptoms during the first 72 hours.
• During week one, you may feel body aches and experience mood swings.
• During the second week, you can expect depression to occur.
• Up until the end of the first four weeks, you’ll struggle with both sadness and cravings.

The Benefits of Suboxone Treatment at Drug Rehab

Being in drug rehab treatment allows you to receive the medical and mental health treatment you need and deserve to get you off suboxone. Detoxing remains your first step to freedom from drugs during rehab. Then the central portion of your treatment plan can begin. You’ll receive both individual and group counseling to give you an idea of why you may be on drugs in the first place. You’ll also find great benefit from the experience of others with similar issues, and gain tips for dealing with cravings and life in general during these meetings. You’ll have a safe place to learn to remake your life without the influence of drugs. And you’ll have the chance to learn to build yourself a positive life with a sober living experience and treatment aftercare.

Drug withdrawal isn’t easy. But you did the work to get off opioids. You can do what it takes to quit taking suboxone, too. The right drug rehab center has the staff and treatment means to help you live a life without harmful drugs. Such a drug rehab center can also support you with the tools you need to stay clean and sober.

You know what to do to get off suboxone. We can help you achieve your drug-free goal. Contact us today. We have someone available to help you all day and night 24/7. Reach out to us now at 770-299-1677. We look forward to hearing from you.