Treatment for opiate addiction might seem like an easy thing to get. Depending on the type of treatment, centers can serve varying numbers of clients. However, due to the current opioid epidemic, treatment centers are becoming crowded and it is harder for people to get the help they need. It is difficult to make the decision to get help. Now, it is difficult to get help because of overcrowding.

Atlanta and its surrounding suburbs have been especially hard hit by the opioid crisis. There are so many people that need help and sometimes there are limited resources. This does not mean that people should avoid seeking treatment. It just means that they should expect groups to be larger and counselors to have a larger workload.

Reasons for Overcrowding

There are a number of reasons for overcrowding at treatment centers. It is important to know that not every person that is looking for inpatient residential treatment can immediately find a center that has availability. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Sometimes when an addicted person goes to see their doctor, the doctor believes that the only way to recovery is through an inpatient, residential program. This treatment may not be necessary for every patient. Additionally, if available treatment centers have long waits, it is advisable that doctors start the patient on medication to begin helping them with recovery. This belief that the patient needs to go into treatment causes an influx into treatment centers and creates overcrowding.
  • People just want help and do not know about alternative treatments using medication that are available. Many people do not know that there are medications that can help them get off the opioids and on a path to recovery.
  • An addicted person may be too far away from a medication dispensary to get daily treatment. Therefore, they may need to seek out an inpatient residential program, so they can get the treatment that they need. If the medications were more available, it would mean there might be fewer people looking for a treatment center.

Where to Get Medication

There are varying laws and processes depending on the state you live in. Some states have an increased number of places where people can receive medications, but others are very limited. However, regardless of the number of locations, there are some standard rules for receiving medication.

  • To dispense Suboxone, doctors must complete an 8-hour class. This seems to be a sticking point for many doctors. There are various reasons why doctors do not get the certification. Some doctors do not believe the medication works and other doctors do not want to invest the time into getting it.
  • To receive methadone, you need to visit the clinic every day to get the medication while someone observes them. If you stabilize treatment, you can graduate to being able to take home a week and then a month’s worth of medication. But, the initial requirement of having to be there every day for the medication can be a burden and a barrier to receiving treatment.
  • Sometimes the payment for the medication is more expensive and harder to get than the drugs. Therefore, people continue to take the easier and cheaper solution of abusing drugs instead of getting help.

There are so many different reasons people turn to treatment centers. The truth is that even if doctors did not force it upon people instead of prescribing some of the available medications that have been approved by the FDA for addiction treatment, treatment centers would be overcrowded. This is because of the sheer number of people that are addicted to alcohol, drugs, and prescription drugs. The explosion of prescription drug abuse has caused people to turn to treatment centers. So, even though there are a lot of people who are not seeking out treatment centers, because there are so many more addicted, the treatment centers are crowded.

Whatever your situation, it is important to ask for help. Whether you ask your personal doctor or seek out a treatment center, looking for help is the first step. Do not be discouraged if there is a wait at the treatment center. And, do not be discouraged if this is not your first time looking for help. Sometimes it takes more than one time to try to recover from addiction. We can help you. So, if you are ready to get started, Call us today at 770-299-1677.