Should You Find an Alcohol Treatment Center Before Your Family Stages an Intervention?

You know that your family is deeply concerned about your drinking, and they are right to be. They love you and they don’t want you to keep suffering with the guilt, shame and pain of alcoholism. You might even suspect that they’re planning to stage an intervention in order to convince you to get treatment. And aybe you’ve decided that you’ll make your own decision about your own future. Can you find an alcohol treatment center before your family stages an intervention?

You can. By doing so, you’ll be showing your family that you’re taking responsibility for your own addiction and your own recovery. Your family will undoubtedly support your decision. If you sense that your family is on the point of calling an interventionist, it’s time to make some decisions of your own. Choose a facility and take charge of your future.

Why an Inpatient Treatment Facility Offers You the Best Chance of Success
There are many approaches to treating alcoholism, and you have probably attempted more than one. The fact is, only inpatient treatment gives you the best chance at finally ending your struggle with alcoholism.

Inpatient alcohol treatment removes the temptations of alcohol and drugs for an extended period of time. It frees you from the daily stresses that make sobriety seem like an impossible dream. An inpatient facility gives you the opportunity to see clearly, think clearly and have no responsibilities except your own healing.

You may have already tried various inpatient programs without success. Maybe you joined a support group or tried psychotherapy as a way to help you get sober. Those treatment types might work for a handful of people, but the majority of people need a safe, structured environment where they can focus fully on getting sober.

What to Look for in an Inpatient Treatment Facility
The treatments for alcohol and drug addiction have evolved, just as other medical treatments have. In the past, it was common to apply a single, one-size-fits-all treatment plan to all alcoholics.

Today, addiction experts understand that helping people recover from alcohol requires a multi-faceted approach that focuses on the individual. Every alcoholic has a different background, history and hopes for the future. What unites all of you is the hope that you can achieve sobriety and create a new life for yourself. Your treatment plan should be as individual as you are.

Our Georgia alcohol rehabilitation center will offer you a personalized program that includes:

Medically supervised detox so that withdrawal is safe, painless and comfortable
Individual counseling
Planned activities that encourage group participation and support
A safe, welcoming atmosphere away from the triggers that make you drink
Healthy meals and exercise to help your body heal
Help in planning your bright new future
How Our Treatment Center Can Help You
Successful recovery depends on many factors. Among them are:

a setting where you can share your struggles and triumphs with other people in recovery;
a roadmap for planning your sober new future;
a holistic approach that enhances your emotional and physical health;
the chance to discover who you truly are without alcohol.
At our Georgia alcohol treatment center, you’ll find a nonjudgmental environment where you’ll learn to achieve sobriety. But our treatment doesn’t end there. We give you ongoing, long-term support that guides you through a future where you can live without alcohol or drugs.

We have helped thousands of people break free from alcoholism. Many of them felt just as lost, confused and sad as you do now. They have gone on to live life fully and joyfully, free from the struggle with addiction.

Recovery is Possible
Recovery from alcoholism is possible. You can achieve it at an inpatient treatment center, where you’ll also acquire the tools you need to stay sober. If you’re concerned that your family is about to hold an intervention, take the initiative to find an inpatient treatment center on your own.

If you’re ready to take charge and change your life, give us a call at 770-299-1677. Our counselors are available to answer your questions 24-7 and they’ll help you make this important decision. Take the first step toward your new life and call.

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