Ways To Find Non 12 Step Rehabs Near Me

When most people think of substance abuse recovery, they think of a 12 step program. The 12 step model is traditionally more focused on spirituality, with a higher power being frequently mentioned. If you have found that this is not the best option for your recovery journey, you are not alone. Many people have found recovery through non 12 step programs. Non 12 step programs are more focused on the science of addiction and recovery and removes the spirituality component that 12 step programs incorporate. The non 12 step model has its similarities with the more commonly thought of 12 step model, such as group meetings; however, the focus is primarily on individualizing recovery plans. A primary difference is that non 12 step treatment does not focus on addiction as a lifelong disease. You may see the incorporation of cognitive behavioral therapy or holistic therapies, such as yoga, nutrition management, or exercise.

While it seems like many of the treatment centers still use the 12 step model, there are ways to find treatment facilities that utilize a non 12 step model in their treatment process. Once you have decided to look more into the non 12 step program, your next question may be how to locate a treatment facility near you. Luckily, there are resources available to you that can be accessed in your community or from the comfort of your home.

Medical Resources

Your medical doctor may be a resource in finding a treatment center that is right for you and close to home. It may feel like an uncomfortable conversation to have in the beginning, but your medical doctor is familiar with all your health conditions and is probably involved in your local medical community. He or she may be able to direct to resources you have not yet considered or make recommendations. Other medical staff, such as nurses or social workers in a hospital, may be useful in finding local alternative treatment centers, as well. If you are seeing a mental health counselor or therapist, they may be able to offer treatment center information. Therapists are known to have a great referral bank and offer unique recommendations that fit their client’s needs as best they can.

Community Resources

More and more communities are struggling with addiction, which means more people are volunteering their time to create community action centers focused on community rehabilitation. It is likely that your community offers a free service for you to call and be connected to a trained volunteer or staff member that can provide a list of treatment centers in your area. You can express your desire to be involved in a non 12 step treatment center and you should be provided with a list of treatment centers in the area to match your needs. Another community resource, that can sometimes be overlooked, is community bulletin boards. You may be able to find flyers for local treatment centers posted in high traffic places such as medical offices or local government offices, like a town or city hall.

If you or your loved one is involved in any religious organization, sometimes a private discussion with your organization leader or pastor can open many doors in finding the right treatment facility. Many religious leaders will be approached by representatives of local treatment centers to promote their facility to struggling congregation members.

As strange as it may seem, other treatment facilities in your area may have recommendations. If you are already a part of a residential treatment facility, the discharge staff may provide community referrals for you. Typically, if a treatment facility recognizes they may not be the best fit for your needs, they have a network of referrals they can provide to steer you to the correct treatment facility.

Internet Research

The simplest and most private way to research a non 12 step treatment center near you is just a regular internet search engine. This will bring up surrounding treatment centers for you to visit their website and decide what fits your needs and what does not. From there, you could send out a website contact form, if you are uncomfortable calling, or give them a call if you feel ready.

Figuring out what to do next once you have realized you need help for your addiction can be frustrating and overwhelming. Utilize all the resources available to you to find the best fit for treating your addiction because what is most important is your recovery. If you are ready to begin your journey towards recovery, please call us today at 770-299-1677.