What Alcohol Rehab Centers Do That Help People Keep Their Job, Maintain Their Family And Live A Normal Life

Alcoholism is a harmful addiction to alcohol that can ruin family relationships, careers and your health. It affects the lives of millions of people across the United States. Drinking too much alcohol affects your entire body, including your brain, digestive system and bone structure. It can cause birth defects in pregnant women and changes in behavior.

When family members become alcoholic, their behavior can cause a breakdown of the whole family unit. Since they neglect important responsibilities around the home, children and spouses may become distraught. Alcoholics tend to miss work and call out sick because of hangovers and illness. Alcohol rehabilitation centers are equipped to help you stop drinking, so you can keep your job and family intact.

How families are affected by alcohol

When someone in the family is dealing with alcoholism, everyone feels the consequences. Alcohol impairs the alcoholics ability to perform daily duties such as going to work, paying bills, taking care of children and overall life management. The alcohol becomes the user’s priority and can cause them to get into fights, start arguments and lead to domestic violence.

The abuse of alcohol may cause financial problems because alcoholics make purchases when they are under the influence. These poor financial decisions can lead to problems with paying the mortgage, buying food or having rent on time. Alcohol can also cause health problems and bring on the premature death of your family member.

How alcohol affects your job

An alcoholic will need to drink every day and may drink at work, on their lunch break and attend after work happy hours. They may also pick up bottles of liquor on the way home from work. Although this type of behavior does not cause you to lose your career overnight, over time the effects of alcohol can cause you to get terminated.

Since you are drinking after work and at night, you are not getting the proper sleep needed to rest and recuperate. You may call out from work excessively and show up for work late often and begin to get reprimanded by managers. When you go to work the next day, you are tired and less productive. Drinking can cause you to have a negative attitude at work and make you irritable with co-workers.

How alcohol affects your health

When you take the first sip of alcohol it goes directly to your brain, it decreases the pathways and chemical functions that control your behavior. Prolonged use of alcohol makes the cells in your brain change, and it begins to shrink. This has an impact on your learning capacity and retention abilities. Over time it can become difficult for you to control movements and have a stable body temperature.

Alcohol interferes with your sleep and causes you to toss and turn during the night. It can make your stomach upset, and too much alcohol can make you nauseated and vomit. Drinking inflames your small intestine and is a contributing factor to diarrhea and heartburn. Your esophagus becomes relaxed when drinking and causes heartburn because your sphincter does not close properly.

How alcoholism rehabs can help

An alcoholism treatment facility can help your family deal with a family members addiction to alcohol. They take the user through the detoxification process and employ counseling sessions to help them get sober. These rehab facilities are trained to get the root of the problem and help alcoholics deal with all stages of recovery. They also have medical professionals available to handle patients with medical and psychological conditions.

Before you are admitted into a rehab, family members may schedule an intervention. During an intervention, loved ones and counselors speak to you about your addiction and voice their concerns. Once you are admitted into the rehab, the recovery begins, and you are on your way to living sober. The recovery process is not easy, and the rehabilitation center will provide support to you when treatment is complete. You will also need help dealing with your mental and emotional issues.

An alcoholic treatment program will educate you about the intensity of your addiction and aid family members as well. The counseling and group therapy sessions offered through the program will assist you with staying sober and readjusting to life. Since you are reentering a normal routine, professionals help you keep your sobriety. They provide you with counseling services and are available when you need them. If you are ready to get started, call us today at 770-299-1677.