What Can You Expect When You Enter A Drug Addict Treatment Center?

It can be intimidating and even frightening to enter a drug treatment center for the first time. You have no idea what to expect. What will it be like? Will you get the help you need? Will it be hard? What about withdrawal? Will you be in pain? This article will help to calm your fears and give you an accurate picture as to what you can expect when you enter a drug addict treatment center.

Your First Day at a Drug Treatment Center

On the day of your admission, you will be greeted warmly and led inside the facility to the intake area. You should have already been advised as to what kind of items you are allowed to bring with you. Expect these items to be thoroughly inspected. You may have to leave them with staff. They will be returned to you later. In a private area, you may be asked to disrobe in front of same-sex staff members. None of this is done to embarrass you or to invade your privacy. It’s necessary to be sure that no contraband is entering the facility with you. The rehab is responsible for the safety and security of all of its residents. You may be asked to provide a urine sample.

After the security check, you may dress and be seated. You will undergo a comprehensive intake interview. The purpose of this interview is to identify your needs and also to tailor an individualized drug treatment plan for you. Just cooperate and answer the questions to the best of your ability. It’s all they expect you to do.

The first part of your treatment will be detox. Here is where you will be safely withdrawn from your drug of choice. Detox shouldn’t be painful. You should be fairly comfortable. Under no circumstances should you feel so bad that you can’t stand it. You should be able to eat, sit comfortably and sleep at night. Rehabs use a combination of medications to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. The dosages of these drugs will be slowly reduced over the detox period. If you’re in pain, be sure to let staff know. They can adjust your medications.

After detox, you will be introduced to the rehab’s counseling and therapy programs. You can expect to participate in individual, group and family therapy sessions. If the facility offers alternative therapies like yoga or biofeedback, don’t be afraid to try them. Many people find them to be very helpful. A typical day at drug rehab might go like this:

A Typical Day at Drug Rehab

You will wake up early, most likely about 6AM. You will have time to wash and dress. Next will be a healthy breakfast. Some places may offer meditation sessions after breakfast. In the morning there is likely to be a group meeting led by a therapist. You can expect each day to be highly structured. You will have some limited free time, but not much. You will be busy with the business of recovery for most of each day.

After lunch, there will likely be therapy sessions featuring evidence-based treatments, group therapy and individual therapy. If you have special needs, such as anger or stress management, you may attend special therapy for these problems. You may have the opportunity to participate in alternative therapy, such as art therapy, biofeedback and yoga. Some facilities may even have equine therapy. Here you can ride and care for horses. Don’t be afraid to reach out and try something new.

In the late afternoon, before dinner, you will likely have some free time. You may use this how you wish. You can read, write, meditate, pray or play sports or games. You can listen to music. If the rehab has a pool, you can go swimming. Free time will be limited, so take advantage of it.

After dinner, there will usually be a group meeting of some type. If the rehab offers the 12-Step Program, this will likely be the focus of the meeting. If the rehab offers group programs that are not faith-based, such as SMART, then that will be what the meeting is about. After the meeting, it will be close to bedtime. Residents are encouraged to get plenty of sleep so they can concentrate on the next day’s recovery activities fully.

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