What Happens if You Stop Going to Outpatient Services After Rehab?

Continued care is an important part of addiction recovery. Outpatient services provide the additional support and resources necessary to readjust to a sober life and continue to stay clean even as new temptations and old urges arise.

Many inpatient rehabs offer outpatient services for continued therapy after you complete their recovery program. While you undoubtedly learn a lot of great coping strategies throughout inpatient rehab, it’s important to attend outpatient services as well to ensure you are supported, encouraged and uplifted as you continue on your recovery journey.

What are outpatient services?

The number one priority of inpatient rehab is to get you off drugs and alcohol; making it through detoxification and withdrawal is crucial to your success. Throughout inpatient treatment, you will evaluate your addiction from new perspectives to identify its root causes and work through them. Emotional and mental wellness are prioritized in inpatient counseling as you learn new ways to care for yourself in times of pain, stress and discomfort.

The development of healthier habits also builds confidence and prepares you to resume your life as a sober individual. Of course, anyone who has ever been through rehab knows that old habits die hard. Temptation will come when you least expect it, and without a proper support system and resources, relapse is more likely.

Outpatient services ensure that you have continued access to an addiction therapist and other people who can help you work through all the different stages of recovery.
With outpatient services, you are able to work or attend school while still focusing on your recovery. New habits take time to form, so all of the skills you picked up during inpatient treatment will be strengthened through outpatient therapy.

Outpatient services also give you access to social support from other recovering addicts and rehab alumni. You can learn from each other and share your stories to build new friendships and become more empowered.

The Role of Outpatient Rehab

You may feel like you don’t need outpatient therapy if you’ve completed rehab. You should feel confident and proud of your achievement, but you also shouldn’t underestimate the power of addiction. Even though you’ve reached a major milestone in getting clean, you still have to continue down the pathway to recovery.

When you’re in inpatient rehab, your entire day is structured around wellness. From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, your entire day revolves around your recovery. When you return to everyday life, additional pressures and responsibilities can make it difficult to stay on top of your recovery regimen. All of the energy you channeled toward sobering up and breaking your addiction has to be divided among work, family and your other obligations. It’s natural to feel powerful cravings and urges in the face of new stress.

Outpatient aftercare is available in many different forms; your inpatient rehab may already have arranged for you to begin therapy after you complete your program. Other rehabs might provide you with a variety of services that you can choose from to customize your care.

Why You Shouldn’t Quit Outpatient Rehab

Whether you decide to work one-on-one with a therapist who is trained in treating addiction or you decide to attend group sessions and a more intensive outpatient program, you should be vigilant and committed in your decision to stay sober.

Outpatient programs help you rebuild your life while still focusing on your recovery. Rather than feeling like you have to do everything by yourself, outpatient services will give you an emotional outlet and the support you need to succeed as you work or go to school.

Recovery is different for everyone; some people might only need rehab for a few months while others require a lifelong prevention plan. That’s okay. Whatever your unique story and needs are, outpatient services make it easier for you to keep up all the hard work you’ve put in so far.

Find Out if Outpatient Therapy is Right For You

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