What Kind of Long Term Outpatient Programs Are There for Addiction Treatment?

Outpatient programs are an alternative to the inpatient services that require you to stay at a facility for a specified amount of time. Those needing to care for families or to work in order to pay bills will seek out this type of treatment to accommodate their schedules. Since everyone has different needs, there are a few long term outpatient programs for addiction treatment to choose from.

Figuring out what’s best for you will be determined by a center’s counselor who will evaluate your situation. They’ll determine, based on your specific needs, what kind of outpatient program will offer you the best service to help you beat your addiction.

The Different Types of Long Term Outpatient Programs for Addiction Treatment

Depending on each individual’s situations, a treatment center may tweak a program to better suit the needs of the person dealing with addiction. For the most part, though, the types of outpatient programs most centers offer are as follows:

  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Generalized Outpatient Program

Let’s explore what each one is and how they can help you.

Long Term Partial Hospitalization Outpatient Program

Someone who needs medical care, but doesn’t require full-time intensive care, may need a partial hospitalization treatment program. A treatment like this helps the individual get their medical needs met as often as they need it without having to enroll in an inpatient service. Detox programs will use this kind of service, when appropriate, to evaluate the medical condition of the person in treatment while giving counseling or therapies.

A counselor might advise this kind of program over a full-time resident service if the person lives in a stable environment already. If there are no risks involved, but there are needs, such as detox treatment, this would be a perfect choice. Sometimes, those with severe addiction problems will need a service that monitors their activities more often to ensure they’re staying away from drugs or alcohol. Typically, the person would need to be seen 3-5 days a week and for around 4-5 hours a day, depending on the specific medical needs the individual person has. This type of treatment is longer because the medical care and counseling services are provided in that chunk of time.

Long Term Intensive Outpatient Program

This kind of treatment is much like an inpatient program as far as the level of care given. The difference, of course, is that it doesn’t require a 24-hour stay like the inpatient services do. The emphasis is placed mostly on the supportive counseling and periodic drug testing. Intensive outpatient services can be used in conjunction with detox, that needs less supervision. Also, it could be used for those who have left a detox program and now need a long term treatment option to stay sober.

The outpatient services are needed at an advanced level to provide the support necessary to beat the addiction, while still working a job or taking care of a family. Generally, the person going through this kind of program would need to attend counseling sessions, group therapies, and any other services three days a week for a few hours each time.

Long Term Generalized Outpatient Treatment

This program needs minimal supervision. Most of the time, people who have already been in detox and just need some form of therapy or counseling, a couple of hours a week, use this kind of treatment. No medical observation is necessary for this service, so an intensive form of treatment would not really be needed. This service is excellent for long term support to help ensure someone stays off a drug or keeps away from alcohol.

A general outpatient treatment allows you to work when you need to, and attend the required therapies after or before work hours. Whatever works with your schedule. When your time is done at the center, you’re free to go back home to your family. A general outpatient service is usually done 1-2 times a week, depending on what’s needed for your specific treatment.

Long term outpatient programs are a great option when you need more flexibility for the other important things in your life. Most treatment centers are happy to work with your schedule to give you the most support as possible, without cutting into work time or family duties.

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