What The Summit Wellness Group Is Doing That Is Different From Other Rehab Centers In Georgia

All Georgia Rehab centers are not created equally. The Summit Wellness Group is doing a number of things that is setting it apart from the rest. Whether it is a loved one that is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, or you yourself, we have a unique approach to recovery and healing.

There is a saying that once you are an addict, you are always an addict. Of course, this doesn’t mean that one continues to use the substance of choice. Rather, it indicates the need to have the right community and support around you to continue to grow and resist temptations as they arise. If this is not present, then the desire to use again could arise at any moment and catch an unprepared recovering addict off-guard.

Friendly and Experienced Professionals

Summit Wellness Group is taking a radical new approach to addiction recovery. Instead of being a place that is cold and sterile, we take a loving and warm approach. Our caretakers and counselors have deep experience in helping people with addictions of all kinds. They have dealt with alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, and beyond.

We take this experience and use it with compassion to help our clients overcome their pasts and the behaviors that have taken over their life. Through a series of important steps and kind guidance, we enable people to see the beauty of life when they take back control of their destiny. By keeping our residents’ best interests at hearts at all times, we are able to achieve rapid change in their behaviors and outlook that empowers them to take bold new steps in their lives.

Holistic Approach

We truly understand that to help someone on their path to healing, it takes more than a few simple exercises or mantras. While the mindset is crucial to addiction and alcoholism recovery, there is more than meets the eye. Every aspect of the care they receive will affect how they improve and how quickly.

For these reasons, we take a more holistic approach. We aim to help everyone who comes through our doors in way that improves and heals all the areas of their life. By taking this higher level perspective, we are able to resolve issues at their roots, rather than simply at the surface level. The end result is higher quality care and less frustration from a narrow viewpoint that other centers often advocate.

Innovative and Creative Strategies for Recovery

We take a pragmatic approach to helping people quit their addiction to drugs and alcohol. In our group, the best method to achieve positively life changing results is the one we use. However, we still leave room for innovation and creativity.

For example, when one of our counselors discovers that a unique method is helping an addict, they share it with the team. Then, we use this technique in the right situations to add value to the experience and help others heal in more specific ways relevant to them. However, this is all based on feedback and calibration to the individual. By using this dual approach of pragmatic execution of classical techniques and an allowance of unique breakthroughs our clients experience the best of both worlds.

Sometimes, recovery centers don’t always put the best interests of the person recovering from an addiction first. However, we take a different view. We believe that every action, word, and strategy must somehow support the larger outcome of ridding our clients of their addictions in the healthiest and most certain way possible while respecting their feelings and input along the way. In this sense, we feel that we offer a better opportunity for a new beginning than any other treatment facilities in the state of Georgia or the eastern region at large.

Healing and recovery for addicts is an ongoing process. It is not something that happens overnight. However, with patience, care, and great people who support the person in need of help, redemption is possible. We believe everyone deserves another chance at the life they are capable of. Our counselors are available at all hours of the day. Feel free to call us anytime to get you or the loved one the help they need.