Will My Insurance Cover My Addiction Treatment in a 28 Day Program?

Understandably, making the decision to get help for your addiction must have been difficult. One can only imagine the depths of destruction in your life that led you to the conclusion now is the time to get help. As you contemplate your next move, there’s a few things you should know.

First, the decision to seek help from a reputable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center was the right choice. In fact, it was the only choice. All the other options you read about on the Internet or see on TV don’t work. They simply fail to address the causes of addiction, leaving the addict vulnerable to one relapse after another.

As you consider where to get treatment, we would like for you to consider getting treatment in South Florida at a facility like ours. Unknown to many people is the fact South Florida is considered a mecca for addiction treatment. Assuming you want the best care possible, it would make sense for you to at least consider traveling for treatment.

While getting treatment at one of your local rehabs would certainly be more convenient, this is your life we are contemplating. Convenience should only be a consideration if all other things are equal. Assuming they are not, getting the best care possible should be your top concern.

For just a moment, let’s look at the benefits you would get if you decided to enter rehab in South Florida.

  • Experience beautiful year-round weather conditions
  • Receiving treatment in a state-of-the-art facility under the care of industry topping counselors and clinicians
  • Getting access to a wide range of innovative treatment options
  • A chance to relax and enjoy fun amenities when not in therapy

At this point, we realize there’s one very important consideration that needs to be addressed. The costs associated with rehab can be restrictive. Your payment options will mostly be limited to insurance or some form of payment from your personal resources. Assuming you would prefer to have your healthcare insurance cover the costs, we think discussion is warranted.

Will My Insurance Cover My Addiction Treatment in a 28 Day Program?

The answer to this question is “yes” with a caveat. In case you were not aware of it, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2009 dictates that all Americans are required to carry healthcare insurance. If their employer doesn’t provided such coverage, they must purchase a policy of their own in order to avoid a possible tax penalty. Should someone not be able to afford a policy, supplemental funds will be made available to help pay.

Another thing the ACA did was dictate that addiction treatment costs were to be treated the same as any other medical costs. In other words, insurance companies can no longer treat addiction treatment as an elective issue. This is all good news if you have insurance. However, the extent of coverage may still be an issue. It’s your responsibility to determine to what extent your insurance will cover your 28 day stint in rehab. If you need help, rehab staffers can usually help you get answers. Before you ask, here’s what the ACA has decided insurance companies need to cover.

Inpatient Services

For the most part, your 28 day stint should be covered to some extent. With that said, your insurance company may restrict treatment to basic forms of therapy and counseling. They might also limit the amount of time you can stay in rehab on the insurance company’s dime.

Outpatient Services

Because of the lower costs associated with outpatient treatment, many insurance companies enthusiastically support paying for said services. Again, there may be limitations on how long they will agree to cover outpatient treatment.

Detox and Medications

When detox or medically-monitored detox program is needed, the insurance company must cover at least a portion the costs. That includes any costs associated with medications a doctor might prescribe to help with pain issues, sleeping problems or tapering drags (Methadone), which are used to help people with a severe addiction wean slowly and safely off their drugs.

Aftercare Costs

After treatment has finished, you might still need support as you navigate trying to live sober in the real world. To some extent, you healthcare policy should cover additional outpatient counseling and perhaps some portion of sober living.

Hopefully, this answers your questions. If you are ready to move on with treatment, we can provide you a custom treatment program that will address your personal circumstances. You can get started by calling us at 770-299-1677.