Will My Social Life Suffer From Being In a Long Term Treatment Center?

Choosing to free yourself from addiction to drugs or alcohol by checking into a long term treatment facility is a personal decision. Part of the decision to find permanent sobriety is the desire to improve relations with others. One of the primary attributes of addiction is the loneliness and isolation that comes with it. In general, any social groups or friends that you might have had as a functional alcohol or drug user were contained in one of two groups: Loved ones who cared about you and those who supported your addiction.

One of the crucial factors concerning recovering from any kind of addiction is letting go. This means letting go of the addiction itself as well as anything or anyone who has contributed to it. These can include lifestyle choices, familiar locations, self destructive attitudes and people you spend time with. Don’t let your past stop you from receiving the treatment you need, whether you come to us or go to some other long term treatment center.

Immediate Benefits of Detoxing

The detox process our medical staff follows was put together to get the offending substances out of our clients’ bodies as soon as possible. The withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting are reduced drastically. This allows our clients to detox comfortably and completely without giving up, as would most probably be the case if they tried detoxing by themselves. Withdrawal symptoms can last for days and are the most common reasons for giving up on quitting drugs or alcohol for most people who try by themselves. These might include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • Severe anxiety and restlessness.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Rapid heartbeats
  • Profuse sweating.
  • Hallucinations and visual distortions.

These are the most life-threatening symptoms of withdrawal. Sometimes people in withdrawal go into cardiac arrest due to the rapid heartbeats. This is one of the primary reasons we so strongly discourage anyone from attempting to get through withdrawal on their own at home. Upon successful completion of the detox process, our clients minds clear and they can then begin the process of focusing their attention on making life-changing decisions.

Therapy and Counseling Sessions

If you are struggling to overcome alcohol or drug abuse, you need to develop different kinds of relationships. This will be the case whether you choose to keep the friends you have or decide to find new ones. Our counseling sessions offer solutions to these kinds of issues and offer our clients a chance to practice during their stay with us. Counseling therapy sessions are both one-on-one with a counselor and group oriented.

The group sessions we organize are made up of men and women in our recovery center who will face the same kinds of social challenges you will be facing during your recovery process. These may be the same kinds of people you will probably befriend if you decide to find new friends. Finding permanent sobriety doesn’t have to mean a lack of a social life. It may just be that your current friends will have to understand that your sobriety is the most important goal to you in order to remain in your life. They certainly will not mind waiting for your return home from our long term treatment center if they truly care about your well-being.

Learning Life Coping Skills

Our therapists know and understand the concept of a dual diagnosis when it comes to the complete recovery of our clients. It takes special attention to the psychological factors that caused the addiction in the first place. Even if there were no social, emotional or mental triggers for the addiction, there have been some that have materialized during the addiction itself. Maybe our clients have avoided any social contact during the worst times of their addiction and feel isolated.

Our clients learn new ways to cope with the anxiety and stress that is part of everyday life in different ways than before. Complete abstinence while reaching for goals that will improve their lives is the core of what they learn during counseling sessions. New and creative ways of achieving this state of being are discussed in length. They find comfort and encouragement from each other during group sessions, and we teach them to continue on this path when they finally leave our treatment center.

Don’t let yourself or your loved one linger in hopeless addiction any longer. There is a counselor available 24 hours a day to speak with you. Call us at 770-299-1677 today and start the process.