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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be a very difficult condition even in the best of times. When coupled with addiction, it can pose very serious obstacles to a successful recovery. The inability to focus on one’s treatment and the reduced ability to engage in therapeutic and meditative practices can lead to increased levels of anxiety, stress, and overall mental discomfort. Finding comprehensive treatment for this condition can be difficult, especially when prior drug or alcohol abuse has been an issue.

What Is ADHD Treatment?

The treatment of ADHD as it relates to substance abuse and addiction recovery is focused on treating the underlying causes while also minimizing the negative impact that the symptoms of this condition can produce. This is done through the use of medications, clinical therapy, and holistic therapies. These can work in tandem to help treat the underlying neurological causes while also providing psychological relief and more effective coping skills so that the disruption to someone’s life and recovery is minimized.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Treating this condition takes finesse, especially when substance abuse is a factor. Some of the most common pharmacological treatments for ADHD are stimulant medications, which may be habit-forming, and these may not be the best choice for those with a co-occurring substance use disorder. Stimulant medications aside, there are other, non-habit-forming medications available as well as a variety of other treatment approaches that can be effective.

Importance of Treatment

Recovery from a substance use disorder is never easy. When a mental health issue such as ADHD is present, recovery can be even more difficult. That being said, recovery is possible. When someone has the added challenges of a mental health issue such as ADHD to contend with alongside addiction, extra care and support is needed if they are to have the best chance of recovery. It often does little good to address one issue or the other, as these issues can amplify and accelerate each other. Effective treatment needs to address both conditions at the same time if someone is to have the best possible chance of long-term recovery.

Our Approach

The approach that we take at The Summit Wellness Group is geared toward treating the entire person as a whole. We use the latest and most effective psychiatric and holistic practices available. Medications can help and are often necessary, but there are other approaches that may also help. Clinical therapy and counseling have been shown to be very beneficial as well as adventure therapy, meditation and mindfulness practices, nutrition planning, and fitness therapies such as yoga. The more tools in the arsenal of recovery, the more complete and deep the healing process can be.

Types of Treatment

The Summit Wellness Group provides formats of care to fit any lifestyle. We offer customized, comprehensive treatment plans that can accommodate any schedule and set of needs, and this is reflected in our available treatment programs. These different types include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): A flexible day program that can be attended during the afternoon or evening, for a total of 9 hours per week.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Similar to the IOP program, but more comprehensive, this is a 30-hour per week program that provides full-spectrum care.
  • Sober Living: A residential unit for those attending our day program that provides a safe, sober, and healthy atmosphere that encourages healing.

These programs all share similar components, the only difference is the level of immersion. Some of the treatment options and techniques utilized in these programs include:

  • Group Therapy
  • Adventure Therapy (such as walks, hiking, climbing, etc.)
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Yoga


Co-occurring mental health issues and addiction can present some serious challenges. The Summit Wellness Group is staffed by professional, compassionate, experienced therapists, counselors, and medical professionals who will use their expertise to provide someone with as many tools as possible to overcome their challenges. The care and treatment that we provide is intended to help someone through the rest of their life and is not limited to the time they spend in-house. Overcoming addiction and ADHD is a major achievement, and while we share in a client’s pain as they enter, we also share in their happiness as they move on to a new, happier life free from the bondage of addiction and mental illness.


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