Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Resources

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be difficult, and the more tools someone has available to help, the better their chances will be. There is also a high occurrence of mental health issues present in those who struggle with addiction, and these issues need to be addressed as well if someone wants to have a solid recovery. Here we have compiled a guide of resources for both addiction recovery and co-occurring mental health issues to provide connection, tools, and support services for those who are looking for help.

Overdose Prevention

Drug overdoses are unfortunately claiming more and more lives in recent years. This is due to many factors, but being informed about overdoses, aware of the risks, and knowledgable about how to respond in overdose situations may help to reduce the mortality rate of drug overdoses. In particular, due to the heavy workload that emergency health services are currently under due to COVID-19, having a plan of action in the event of an overdose may very well save someone’s life. To this end, we have compiled a resource guide in our article Drug Overdose Prevention & Support Resources.

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Mental health issues and addiction often tend to go hand-in-hand, with mental health issues being much more common in those who struggle with addiction than in the general population. This includes suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, or suicide mortality, and having tools or help at hand and easy to reach can be the deciding factor in whether or not someone acts on these thoughts and is successful in their attempt. Because of this, we have gathered resources that may be especially helpful in a post-COVID and socially-distanced world. Take a look at our article Suicide Prevention Resources for a closer look at some available mental healthcare resources. 


One of the most helpful resources in addiction recovery can be a community of others who are working towards the same goal of long-term sobriety. There are currently many recovery communities all over the country, and while in-person gatherings may be reduced due to COVID, there is a large online presence for those seeking fellowship. Check out our Community Resources page for links and resources to help get connected with others in recovery.

Author Information:

Phillippe Greenough
Phillippe Greenough
Phillippe is currently a contributing writer for The Summit Wellness Group. A recovering addict himself, he is leveraging his knowledge and experience to help others navigate the pitfalls of addiction, and to find help.
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