Atlanta Intensive Outpatient IOP Rehab​

The Summit Wellness Group's Atlanta Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) combines intensive therapy, personalized counseling, life-skills training and more in both group and individual settings, but DOES NOT require hospitalization or 24/7 commitment to a facility.

Our lives don’t stop while we seek treatment for substance abuse and an IOP is the most flexible option you have for rehabilitation. At our Atlanta IOP you have access to a structured environment with intensive treatment from leading industry professionals like that of many inpatient programs. However, the flexibility of our programming gives you the opportunity to continue living life while you are in treatment – allowing our clients to maintain connections with their family and friends, handling job-related responsibilities.

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Our Atlanta IOP Program

The Summit Wellness Group’s Atlanta Intensive Outpatient Program is offered both as a step down after our Partial Hospitalization Program and as a direct point of entry into our program for new clients. In our IOP program you will have a safe healing environment in which to deal with the core issues driving your addiction, while getting the support you need in early recovery to be successful.

Clients enrolled in our Atlanta IOP participate in programming for 3 hours a day, three to five days a week. This is the most flexible type of intensive drug and alcohol treatment available, and we’ve taken it a step further, currently offering 3 different IOP tracks.

Morning IOP

Monday Thru Friday
9am - 12pm

You'll start your day with our mindfulness and goal oriented "Goals and Gratefuls" group, followed by clinician led group therapy process groups and holistic treatment.

Afternoon IOP

Monday Thru Friday
1pm - 4pm

Our afternoon track features various group therapy breakout sessions, holistic treatments and adventure therapy. All groups are facilitated by our expert staff.

Evening IOP

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
6pm - 9pm

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Intensive Outpatient Program Benefits


IOP Treatment at The Summit Wellness Group will be customized to meet your needs.


IOP allows you to create a treatment schedule around your life.

Lower Cost

IOP treatment can be a much more cost-effective treatment option when compared to relative inpatient programs because you are not paying for 24/7 monitoring and the highly specialized medical treatment of inpatient programs.

Evening Outpatient Rehab

Clinical Services Provided At Our Atlanta, Georgia IOP

Individual Therapy – You’ll be assigned one of our therapists (Masters level or above) and meet at least one hour per week. During these highly effective one-on-one sessions you’ll work with them to process underlying trauma and other issues fueling your addiction. You’ll also create a personalized recovery plan, deal with ongoing issues related to your personal and professional life and set aftercare goals.

Group Therapy – Each track of our Atlanta IOP features a different assortment of group therapy sessions. These process groups focus on core issues behind addiction, relapse prevention, accountability related to involvement in addiction support groups (12-Step and Non 12-Step), recovery tools, codependency and more.

Family Therapy – Addiction is a disease that effects the entire family. At our IOP program in Atlanta, GA we have a heavy emphasis on supporting the family. This includes on-site family therapy overseen by your individual therapist, as well as voluntary biweekly night sessions done on a group level.

Psychiatric Care – Upon being admitted to The Summit Wellness Group, you’ll meet with our center’s psychiatrist to address any medication needs. Our psychiatrist is highly experienced in treating co-occuring mental illnesses and will work with you to address those, as well as deal with any post-acute withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing. Following your intake evaluation, you’ll meet with our doctor on a weekly or biweekly basis for medication management.

Holistic Therapy – Our list of holistic modalties offered to clients of our Atlanta IOP program includes massage, chiropractic care, guided meditation, yoga, adventure therapy, art therapy and nutritional classes.

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