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Our Roswell, GA Rehab Center

The Summit Wellness Group’s Roswell rehab center treats drug and alcohol addiction in a beautiful state-of-the-art 7,000+ square foot facility. Find out more about our programs.

Roswell, GA

The Summit Wellness Group – Roswell

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Our Roswell Treatment Programs

Our Roswell drug and alcohol rehab center provides both evidence-based therapies and holistic modalities to treat each person from all aspects rather than only focusing on the symptoms of substance abuse. By treating the client as a whole, The Summit Wellness Group helps equip each person with the coping mechanisms and positive habits to combat triggers and remain sober outside of treatment.

Some of the evidence-based therapies that are offered to clients, depending on their specific needs, include:

  • Medication Management
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • 12-Step Programming
  • Trauma Therapy

Holistic therapies included in treatment include:

  • Yoga
  • Massage Therapy
  • Guided Meditation
  • Adventure Activities
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Therapeutic Fitness
  • Art Therapy

Other therapies offered include vocational rehabilitation, aftercare planning and treatment, family programming, random drug testing, and twice a day breathalyzer testing. These treatments help maintain accountability and community inclusion which are key parts of the recovery journey.

Roswell PHP

As the most intensive level of care offered at The Summit Wellness Group in Roswell, Georgia, the partial hospitalization program (PHP) provides clients with a variety of different individual and group therapy options as well as holistic approaches to substance abuse treatment that help target all aspects of the client. Treatment typically lasts 2-4 weeks, and clients will participate Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM, to complete around 30 hours a week.

Roswell IOP

The next step down in levels of care offered at The Summit Wellness Group in Roswell is intensive outpatient. Clients will complete around three hours of treatment daily for three to five days each week. Each treatment plan is individualized to the client’s needs and goals.


IOP offers more flexibility to clients who have outside responsibilities such as work, school, or family. These plans are often used as a form of aftercare following an inpatient program or PHP, and ultimately cost much less than the more intensive levels of care. The point of IOP is to continue to provide client’s with the necessary therapies to maintain sobriety while also being able to fit their schedule as opposed to the client fitting into the program.

In order to fit each client’s specific schedules, The Summit Wellness Group offers three different intensive outpatient options:.

  • The morning track is offered Monday through Friday from 9AM to 12PM and generally begins with mindfulness and goals groups. Clients will participate in group therapy process groups and some form of holistic treatment.
  • The afternoon track is offered Monday through Friday from 1PM to 4PM and is going to provide clients with group therapies, holistic treatments, and adventure activities led by our expert staff.
  • Evening IOP takes place Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6PM to 9PM and will also include different therapies and holistic treatment methods.


General outpatient (OP) treatment is going to offer the lowest level of care to clients and is most often used as a form of aftercare to maintain one’s sobriety. OP typically involves as much or as little individual and group therapy as the client wants to participate in. This can be a beneficial form of aftercare, however it is not the best method of treatment for someone new to our program.

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