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Mental Health Facilities in Atlanta, GA

9 Top Mental Health Facilities in Atlanta, GA

With the highest population of any city in Georgia, Atlanta is the capital of the Peach State and is home to a vibrant medley of residents. In 1996, Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics, and as a hub of arts, culture, sports, and recreation, the city and the surrounding area is an inviting place to call home.

Although there are various festivals, art shows, and other activities to keep folks busy in Atlanta, mental illness remains a deeply-rooted issue, with 5.6% of adults in the metro area experiencing major depressive episodes. The 9 top mental health facilities in Atlanta, GA, are here to provide life-changing treatment to the 14.1% of Fulton County residents who report experiencing frequent mental distress and to reduce the rising suicide rates across the state of Georgia.

Brief Overview of Atlanta’s Top Mental Health Centers

Having observed the mental health landscape in Atlanta, one can see the urgent need for robust treatment programs that offer accessibility and efficacy. The city is grappling with a significant mental health crisis, and untreated mental illnesses can often lead to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. It’s a path no one should have to navigate alone.

Help is available for those who need behavioral health or addiction treatment—be it you or a loved one. To alleviate the stress and uncertainty of researching recovery programs, our dedicated team has compiled a list of leading treatment facilities in Atlanta. This initiative aims to provide support and make the journey to recovery as smooth as possible.

  1. The Summit Wellness Group
    996 Huff Rd NW, Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30318
    745 Hembree Pl, Roswell, GA 30076
    (770) 691-5337
  2. Buckhead Behavioral Health
    2285 Peachtree Rd Suite 210, Atlanta, GA 30309
    (470) 460-5954
  3. Beacon Counseling
    475 Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
    (770) 568-5282
  4. Hillside
    690 Courtenay Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
    (404) 875-4551
  5. Skyland Trail
    1961 N Druid Hills Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329
    (404) 315-8333
  6. LifeStance Therapists & Psychiatrists
    2801 Buford Hwy # 100, Atlanta, GA 30329
    (770) 603-0123
  7. Ridgeview Institute
    3995 S Cobb Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30080
    (770) 434-4567
  8. Peachford Hospital
    2151 Peachford Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338
    (770) 455-3200
  9. Laurel Heights
    934 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
    (404) 888-5475
Best Mental Health Treatment Centers in Atlanta, Georgia

9 Best Mental Health Treatment Centers in Atlanta, Georgia

The following list provides detailed information about the top-rated treatment facilities in the area, including the treatments they offer, what sets them apart, and client reviews.

1. The Summit Wellness Group

The Summit Wellness Group, based in midtown Atlanta and Roswell in Fulton County, Georgia, offers a comprehensive substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation approach. With one center located in Roswell near downtown Alpharetta, it is easily accessible while still being in a restful setting for treatment and reflection. The midtown location allows access to numerous parks and green spaces like Piedmont Park. It is also well-connected to various transportation modes, including MARTA, trains, buses, and major highways. This makes not only getting to the center easy, but seamless for clients to have access to their families.

As a leader in Georgia for mental health treatment, the centers stand out due to their dedicated staff and well-rounded treatment programs. It’s not just the luxurious facilities that make them unique, but the genuine care and tailored approaches to individual recovery. The Summit Wellness Group integrates various therapeutic methods and focuses on treating co-occurring mental illnesses alongside substance abuse. The holistic approach encompassing therapy, physical activities, and nutritional guidance helps clients recover and rebuild their lives.

One reviewer on Yelp mentioned, “Came here a couple of years ago in hopes of finding a positive & welcoming environment… and I wasn’t disappointed. The staff was knowledgeable and truly cared about my recovery.”

This highlights the center’s commitment to creating a supportive environment, which is crucial in an individual’s journey toward recovery.

The Summit Wellness Group is a commendable choice for anyone looking for a drug rehab center that goes beyond just treating symptoms. The personalized care and comprehensive treatment programs aid in long-term recovery and personal growth. The mission is to help patients regain their footing and begin their path toward a life of long-term recovery.

2. Buckhead Behavioral Health

Buckhead Behavioral Health offers a welcoming approach to mental health rehabilitation, focusing on individual and group therapy sessions. Located in Fulton County and close proximity to Buckhead Village, the area offers upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The center is known for its peaceful environment and amenities that contribute significantly to the healing process. From spacious therapy rooms to peaceful outdoor areas, the facility is designed to foster a calm and supportive atmosphere.

One of Buckhead Behavioral Health’s unique aspects is its emphasis on personalized treatment plans. They offer specialized programs for different age groups and issues, including adolescent services, adult programs, and even telepsychiatry options for those who might find it difficult to attend in person. Many clients appreciate this flexibility in service delivery.

A Google review noted, “Their tailored programs really addressed my specific needs, making my journey to recovery feel more supported and understood.”

Furthermore, the center’s staff is frequently praised for their professionalism and empathy.

Another reviewer mentioned, “The therapists here are not just knowledgeable; they truly listen and care about your progress.”

For anyone seeking a comprehensive and compassionate approach to mental health care, Buckhead Behavioral Health provides an environment where healing is prioritized and every individual’s needs are attentively addressed.

3. Beacon Counseling

Beacon Counseling offers a serene and professional environment for those seeking therapy and mental wellness services. Situated in the heart of Atlanta, it provides easy access for residents looking for quality care near home.

The center distinguishes itself with various unique treatment options tailored to individual needs. From traditional therapy to innovative approaches, Beacon Counseling integrates various therapeutic techniques to address anxiety, stress, trauma, and more.

Beacon Counseling’s philosophy revolves around holistic care and personalized treatment plans. Your first appointment at the center consists of an assessment, during which patients collaborate with their therapist to develop ongoing care plans. They emphasize the importance of mental, emotional, and physical well-being, ensuring that each client receives the attention and support they need for recovery and wellness.

Amenities at Beacon Counseling include comfortable, private therapy rooms designed to create a calming atmosphere conducive to healing. This thoughtful environment and comprehensive services make Beacon Counseling a premier choice for mental health care in Atlanta.

4. Hillside

Hillside, a respected youth behavioral center in Atlanta, Georgia, has been dedicated to children’s and young adults’ mental health and well-being since 1888. The center focuses on early intervention, understanding that timely support is essential for your young individuals’ long-term health and development, which is why we included it in our round-up of centers. In Atlanta, approximately 10.4% of children ages 3 to 17 reported experiencing anxiety or depression as of 2020.

Hillside takes a personalized treatment approach, offering residential and outpatient services for children aged 7 to 21. This ensures that every child receives the right level of care tailored to their specific needs. Specialized programs such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and expressive therapies help children manage emotions, build resilience, and develop coping skills. The center is also equipped to handle trauma and anxiety through its unique therapeutic methods.

Hillside’s mission is to provide compassionate and comprehensive behavioral health care in a nurturing environment, enabling children to thrive. With over a century of experience, Hillside is a pillar of child and adolescent mental health care in Atlanta, committed to positively impacting young lives.

Clients have shared glowing reviews of their experiences.

“Hillside gave our family hope in a time of crisis. The staff were compassionate and skilled, providing my child with the tools needed to cope and succeed.” – Jennifer S.

“The therapists at Hillside are truly exceptional. They really understand children and their struggles. Our daughter is finally able to manage her anxiety thanks to their care.” – Michael R.

“We felt supported every step of the way. Hillside’s holistic approach made all the difference for my son. His confidence has soared since starting treatment here.” – Sarah L.

5. Skyland Trail

Skyland Trail, located in Dekalb County, Georgia, offers a comprehensive and compassionate approach to mental health treatment, making it an excellent choice for parents of adolescents and young adults seeking support. 

Skyland Trail understands that mental health challenges affect not just the individual but also their families. That’s why they actively involve family members in the treatment process. Family therapy sessions, education programs, and regular updates ensure that families are well-informed and supported. This collaborative approach helps create a strong support system vital for sustaining recovery.

While Skyland Trail offers specialized programs for young adults and adolescents, they recognize that each group has distinct needs. For young adults, the focus is often on managing conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, with an emphasis on developing life skills, vocational training, and therapy to support independent living.

For adolescents, treatment includes not only mental health care but also educational support, helping young patients balance their academic responsibilities while receiving the care they need. In both cases, the treatment plans are customized to cater to each age group’s specific developmental and emotional needs.

The center not only addresses the immediate needs of its clients but is also committed to educating the community about mental health and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. They offer various outreach programs, workshops, and seminars designed to raise awareness and provide valuable information to both patients and the general public. These initiatives help to build a more informed and supportive community, benefiting everyone involved.

Skyland Trail’s comprehensive approach to mental health care, combined with its commitment to working with families, tailored treatment plans for different age groups, and active community outreach, makes it a trusted and effective choice for parents seeking mental health support for their children.

6. LifeStance Therapists & Psychiatrists

Located in Brookhaven, Georgia, in Dekalb County, LifeStance Therapists & Psychiatrists, situated on Buford Highway, is easily accessible, making it a convenient choice for residents in the city and surrounding areas. The central location means it’s easy to get to appointments without the stress of a long commute, which is particularly beneficial for those juggling busy schedules or dealing with transportation issues.

The services at LifeStance Health are best suited for individuals of all ages who are dealing with mental health challenges. Whether it’s a child struggling with ADHD, a teenager facing anxiety, or an adult dealing with depression, LifeStance has specialized programs to cater to each demographic. Their multidisciplinary team is skilled in treating various conditions, ensuring personalized care for everyone.

LifeStance Health strongly emphasizes building and maintaining relationships with its clients. They understand the importance of trust in the therapeutic process and work diligently to create a supportive and empathetic environment. Regular check-ins, personalized treatment plans, and an open line of communication ensure that you feel heard and respected throughout your treatment journey.

LifeStance Health is dedicated to inclusivity, offering services to various groups and ensuring no one is left behind. Additionally, their team is trained to understand and address the unique needs of diverse populations, including LGBTQ+ individuals, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all.

7. Ridgeview Institute

For over 40 years, Ridgeview Institute has been a cornerstone of the Smrya, Georgia community, helping patients navigate their transition to wellness. Located in Cobb County with convenient access to I-285, it is a well-regarded mental health and addiction treatment center offering a serene and convenient location for clients. Its close proximity to Atlanta ensures easy access for residents from the city and surrounding areas. The tranquil setting, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, offers a perfect backdrop for healing and recovery.

What sets Ridgeview Institute apart is its holistic approach to treatment. They don’t just focus on the symptoms but strive to understand and address the underlying causes. Their integrated treatment model includes individual therapy, group therapy, family involvement, and educational programs to ensure a well-rounded recovery. 

Ridgeview Institute serves diverse clients, including adolescents, adults, and seniors. Their wide range of programs ensures that they can address various mental health and substance use disorders effectively. Whether someone is dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or addiction, Ridgeview has the expertise to help.

Ridgeview Institute believes in long-term support, and its alumni programs are a testament to that. These programs provide ongoing support and resources for former clients, helping them stay connected and maintain their recovery. Regular alumni meetings and events foster a sense of community and continuous care.

Clients of Ridgeview Institute consistently praise the center for its supportive environment and dedicated staff. Many reviews highlight the compassionate care and personalized attention they received, which played a significant role in their recovery journey.

8. Peachford Hospital

Peachford Hospital in Dunwoody, Georgia, stands out as a supportive and comprehensive mental health and addiction treatment center. Its dedication to holistic and individualized care truly sets it apart. The hospital’s multidisciplinary team creates personalized treatment plans that address both the symptoms and the underlying causes of mental health issues. With a full range of services, including inpatient care, outpatient programs, and aftercare support, Peachford ensures a continuum of care tailored to each client’s needs. 

A unique feature at Peachford Hospital is that they offer Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), a highly effective treatment for severe depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions that have not responded to traditional therapies. Experienced medical professionals administer the ECT procedure at Peachford, which involves delivering controlled electric currents to the brain under general anesthesia. This treatment approach, supervised with the utmost care and precision, can significantly alleviate symptoms, offering hope to those in need.

Peachford Hospital has forged strong partnerships with numerous healthcare providers, community organizations, and educational institutions. These collaborations enhance the scope and quality of their services, ensuring that clients have access to comprehensive resources and support systems. By working closely with these partners, Peachford Hospital extends its reach and impact, fostering a community-centric approach to mental health care.

Understanding the critical role families play in the recovery process, Peachford Hospital actively involves them in the treatment journey. Your family members can participate in family therapy sessions, educational programs, and support groups. These initiatives are designed to help you understand the nature of your loved one’s condition and equip you with the tools needed to provide ongoing support.

Peachford Hospital combines a passionate commitment to excellence with a warm, personable approach, making it a trusted place for individuals seeking mental health and addiction treatment.

9. Laurel Heights

Laurel Heights on Briarcliff Road in Dekalb County, Georgia, offers a compassionate and quality-driven approach to mental health treatment for children and adolescents. Their acute care programs are designed to provide immediate, short-term stabilization for children and adolescents experiencing severe behavioral or emotional issues.

Their structured programs involve 24-hour monitoring and an intensive therapeutic environment. The goal is to quickly address the crisis, stabilize the individual, and develop a plan for continued care, whether that means stepping down to a less intensive level of care or referral to community resources.

Laurel Heights features comfortable living spaces, recreational areas, and facilities supporting therapeutic activities. They offer educational programs to ensure that children and adolescents can continue their schooling during treatment, maintaining a sense of normalcy and progress. The calming atmosphere and thoughtful amenities contribute significantly to the healing process.

Clients and their families often share heartfelt reviews about their experiences at Laurel Heights Hospital. Many speak positively about the dedicated and caring staff, noting how individualized attention and support significantly impacted their treatment journey.

Parents particularly appreciate the inclusive approach, which involves them in therapy sessions and keeps them informed about their child’s progress. Overall, the feedback reflects a high level of satisfaction with the care and services provided, highlighting the hospital’s commitment to making a meaningful impact on young lives.

Laurel Heights Hospital stands out for its compassionate care, robust resources, and dedication to the well-being of its young clients.

Best Mental Health Treatment Centers in Atlanta, Georgia

Features of Top Mental Health Recovery Centers

As you begin deciding on a health center for yourself or a loved one, it is essential to consider and keep in mind the qualities that set certain facilities apart. By focusing on the qualities and characteristics of different centers, you can make sure that you find a recovery center that suits your needs.

Determine your treatment requirements: Self-reflect and consider how severe your illness is and the different mental health disorders each center specializes in treating. Also, ensure you check if the center you are looking at offers dual diagnosis programs for substance abuse issues and what additional services they may provide. 

Research treatment centers: Centers that provide the type and length of treatment you seek, and whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is another factor you should consider. Determining if additional amenities are offered and seeing whether they interest you is essential to keep in mind to maximize your healing. Double-check if centers are accredited by organizations like the Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). These centers will provide top-rated care.

Consider location: Staying close to home might be preferable if convenience is a priority. However, starting fresh in a different area might allow you to view things from a new perspective while avoiding triggers and negative external influences, so this is another factor you should be sure to keep in mind throughout your research.

Think about your financial situation: The progression of care for mental health treatment can often be costly. You should ensure that the various centers you explore align with your budget and won’t cause undue financial strain. Many centers are flexible, offer payment assistance, and accept multiple insurance plans.

Get recommendations: Talk about treatment options with your doctor, a health professional, or a support group to receive guidance or referrals. These sources can be helpful and reliable. If you’re additionally curious about what previous patients have experienced at the centers you’re considering, it may be beneficial to browse their online reviews.

FAQ: Finding Help for Mental Health Issues

If you still have questions, our goal is to address any concerns you may have when choosing a suitable treatment facility. We know just what an important step this is for a better future, so our primary focus is to help you make a well-informed decision.

Where can I find the best mental health centers in Atlanta?

As you research top treatment centers in your area, watch for facilities accredited by reputable organizations. Reviews from previous patients can help you narrow down and refine your search, as you’ll see which programs have high patient satisfaction and proven results. It is essential to prioritize treatment options suited to your unique recovery needs.

How long is treatment for mental health challenges?

This depends. The length of treatment varies based on each center’s programs and the individual patient’s needs. In general, programs can range from as little as 30 days or less to upwards of several months. The severity of your disorder and whether you are dealing with co-occurring substance abuse issues are factors that will contribute to how long you will undergo treatment. If your needs require additional care, many rehabs allow you to increase the length of your program during treatment.

What is the cost of behavioral health treatment?

Because the price depends on the rates of each center and whether you decide to do outpatient or residential treatment, there is no set cost of treatment. Being an in-network or out-of-network facility is also influential regarding cost. A good thing to consider is if the center allows Medicare and Medicaid or only accepts private insurance coverage. Some centers also offer patients payment assistance options.

What counseling services are offered in top treatment plans?

A great center has a mix of leading treatment options, including those that offer a combination of scientifically-backed treatments and holistic treatment. A truly effective program hones in on the patient as a whole instead of assessing particular psychiatric disorders. Dual-diagnosis programs are great because they offer addiction and mental health services that are essential to your recovery journey.

To make sure that you receive the highest quality care that is tailored to your personal needs, you should make sure your priority is on centers that offer evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), or acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). These SAMHSA-approved treatments can be the difference you need in improving your well-being.

Best Mental Health Treatment Centers in Atlanta, Georgia

Navigating Top Treatment Facilities

Make sure the recovery center you choose offers treatment that is individualized and meant to help people with mental illness find the path and begin the journey to recovery. Which treatments work for some patients may or may not always work for others. With this in mind, the top rehabilitation centers will provide treatment options that are personalized and designed to help patients achieve all-around wellness.

The Summit Wellness Group can shine a light in the darkness. To connect with our team, call us at (770) 824-3698 or fill out our contact form. Together, we will help you find a program to overcome psychiatric disorders and addiction.

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