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Rockers In Recovery & The Importance of Music Therapy

Rockers in Recovery is an independent nonprofit organization that uses music, videos, podcasts, websites, and blog posts to educate and inform the public about issues faced in addiction recovery. They do not claim to be professional mental health workers but believe music is an indispensable tool for helping people find peace in sobriety. They have been been in pursuit of this important cause since 2008.

The Importance Of Creativity In Recovery

Due to the recent opioid epidemic in America and elsewhere, along with rising rates of other drug use and overdoses worldwide, there has been a renewed effort to find new approaches to treating addiction. That’s why the best drug rehabs tend to offer services like meditation, yoga, and music therapy. These all have been shown to have beneficial effects during addiction treatment, improving clients’ adherence to treatment, and their outcomes. These approaches are known as “complementary and alternative medical practices” and they have been used to great effect over the last decade.

Does Music Therapy Work For Treating Addiction?

When combined with the more formal medical and psychological approaches to treatment, music therapy can help those in early recovery a great deal. Reducing stress, helping someone connect with others, experiencing positive emotions from something other than drugs, and expressing oneself in a non-verbal and unrestrained manner can be extremely therapeutic and healing. That being said, music therapy alone cannot treat addiction. It is simply a useful component of a larger, more comprehensive treatment plan that may improve someone’s chances of successful, long-term recovery.

More About Rockers in Recovery

The Summit Wellness Group is not affiliated with Rockers in Recovery in any way. However, we do fully embrace the important work being done by this organization and ask that you support them by following their social media accounts:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/recoveryrockers

Instagram: RockersInRecovery

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JohnHollisshow

How Summit Utilizes Music Therapy

The Summit Wellness Group’s rehab centers in Georgia integrate music therapy practices into our addiction treatment programs as we’ve witnessed firsthand that they provide an additional source of relief and stress reduction for many clients. Both art therapy and music therapy have been shown to be beneficial as they reduce stress, aid in relaxation, and increase satisfaction with treatment. This is true for treating substance abuse, as well as behavioral addictions such as gambling.

We provide music and art therapy at both our Roswell and Atlanta drug rehabs alongside other holistic therapies such as yoga, massage therapy, guided meditation, chiropractic care, adventure therapy, therapeutic fitness, and a comprehensive nutrition program. When combined with cutting-edge modern medical approaches such as brain mapping, clinical therapy, psychiatric support, cognitive-behavioral therapies, and a trauma-informed approach to treatment and care, the results can be amazing.

3 responses to “Rockers In Recovery & The Importance of Music Therapy

  • I’m a retired musician and looking for a AA virtual musicians group to attend. Can you recommend a group in the Phoenix, AZ? Or any AA musicians group would be so beneficial.
    Thank you

    • atlrecovery

      3 years ago

      Hi Larry,
      While I’m not too familiar with the recovery community in Phoenix, I may be able to point you towards some people who could help:

      -There is a treatment center that integrates music into their treatment program and they are called Recovery Unplugged. They have a location in Austin, Texas and if you give them a call they may be able to provide more information on musicians recovery groups out west. I know Austin is a ways away from Phoenix, but it is much closer than Atlanta.

      -Alternatively, there is a Phoenix recovery group on Facebook called Addiction Recovery Revolution. There are over 1,700 members so I’m sure someone there would be able to give you more information about local Phoenix musician recovery groups.

      -Finally, Recovery Dharma is a Buddhist-inspired recovery fellowship but I know several people in Atlanta who attend these meetings and are also musicians. It may be worthwhile to look into some Recovery Dharma meetings in Phoenix.

      I hope this helps and take care!

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